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Heartbreak is a term used to describe great sorrow, grief or anguish  often due to the pains and strains of love. The experience of heartbreak can be so intense that some scientists suggest it feels the same as physical pain.
It's almost like your heart is in a lot of pain. You would feel the pain really crushing your heart. That feeling isn't palatable. I want to add that heart break is not Gods will for us as singles.  He has a better plan and purpose for us. Remember he will heal you but please allow him choose the next relationship you would get into. Always remember you are made whole in him not in any relationship.

How to recover from a HEART BREAK

1. Pour out your emotions the way you can if your own exit is crying, screaming, whatever!!! give yourself time to grieve.  Grieving is a vital part of life and you don't need to bottle any emotions on the inside.

 2.  Evaluate your past relationship. Evaluate and tell yourself the real truth.  What did you do that you shouldn't have done? What are the lessons you learnt from the relationship?  Understand your role in the break up, ask yourself questions. Watch out for a particular pattern of behavior that you need to work on.  Understand your strengths and your weaknesses.

 3. Forgive. This is the part that seems to take a lot of us time to do.  Forgive the person who hurt you.  Forgive him or her.  The process of forgiveness gets easier when we realize what love is all about.  Folks, love makes us vulnerable. Vulnerable to a lot of hurt.  JUST LIKE PRINCESS ELSA, LET IT GO.......................

 4. Begin to rebuild again.  What part of your life have you neglected. Truthfully relationships can sometimes make us act like zombies. We just move and dance according to the tune of the relationship forgetting that we all have personal lives and goals. If you have ever experienced such a relationship, raise your hand high!!!!!  Am counting, I think mine should be a million hands..  Sometimes we are so emotional attached and building our world's around  these people we might forget the people so dear or things/projects that are close to our hearts.  Rebuild your relationship with God if you lost it, rebuild all that needs to be rebuilt.. You know them!!

 5. Give yourself time to heal properly.  Don't get into a rebound relationship.  This is one mistake we often make.  I remember one time I was almost robbed in a car in Abuja.. God saved me that day.  Before I got into another car I had to take my time and be double sure..  I checked with the Holy Spirit for every possible sign before I got in. I was just taking my time to make sure I don't repeat the same mistake twice.. Same with relationships. The next relationship wouldn't make you better and there are certainly no guarantees you have dropped the baggage.

 6.  Make out time for you again. It's super sweet to be single again. Enjoy the pure bliss that comes from it.  Embrace your life. Love it, make out time for yourself. Take your time, pray about everything that has happened to you.

 7.  Talk about it if you must, open up to someone you can lean on.  Can I suggest something? be sure your not leaning on the opposite sex, a break up hurts so when we get a friend to always talk to be sure they are of same sex with you.  Do you know why?  A relationship could be born out of pity.  This doesn't happen in all cases but most time it does.

Above all,  your wholeness comes from Jesus. You are made complete in him therefore the loss of a relationship wouldn't have a devastating effect on you.  Allow him lead your relationship, make him your everything and no matter who leaves or comes into your life you are assured all of them will work for your good..

What ways can you suggest one who is heart broken can heal? Please don't forget to share. Love you a

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