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       I want to share a story of a beautiful, young lady. She is a sister and a co-labourer in the vineyard.

The aim of this story is to encourage youths of the 21st century to hold on to Christ and have a good relationship with him. He is the only one that can give us all we ever want, everything we desire and has plans for us, in HIM our future is secured.(Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope).

Oluwaseun is a beautiful young lady in her early twenties, she is a  devoted Christian. She loves singing and making friends, She is a Nurse by profession, Her perfect set of teeth makes her beautiful and when she smiles you just have to develop goose bumps...She has a very lovely voice. In short, she is an angel without wings.

Her love life started early at the age of 17,when she was in senior secondary school 3. She had a close friend John who is a family friend, John is dark,handsome and tall with a nice set of teeth. They were in the same class and they were always going home together, they were very close...John loves seun so much and was looking forward to having a serious relationship with her after secondary school ,they continued as friends till after their SSCE  Exam. He told seun about his feelings for her and all, Seun felt the same way too, so they started dating and they were able to gain admission into the same nursing school.

John and oluwaseun's relationship grew stronger  and stronger everyday and they were named the BEST COUPLE of their set. Fast forward to 200 level, freshers came in and the relationship took a new turn. John met Lola and they became close. Seun was suspicious and warned john about the sudden closeness,  John assured her they were just friends and nothing is going on between them. Lola  calls John everyday and they were always chatting, this went on for months and seun decided not to talk about it and still maintained her relationship with John. Youthful exuberance set in,John started pressurizing Seun for sex, with the excuse that if she truly love him, she should give his virginity to him...To prove her love for him, Seun gave in and that is how they allowed the devil into their lives. You will agree with me that once you start having sex, you will continue. John was busy  having a solid relationship with Lola and using Seun as a sex tool...this continued until  after school. Seun knows about the relationship between John and Lola, but she kept hoping he will come back to her.

After school, Seun told her elder sister Tobi about all that has been happening between him and John (their family friend son) excluding sex. Tobi reported to their mother and she told seun to cut off the relationship, that her mind is against the relationship. Seun told her beloved John about it and that was how their relationship of 5years ended...Mean while, John was still dating lola. It took Seun a year to get over John, Even after the breakup they still had several episodes of sex until Seun decided she was going to stop it.

Seun got a job in Lagos and moved to Lagos to start a new life,a life without Christ...She started replying guys messages on facebook and meeting them just because she wanted a relationship and she was scared of being lonely...

She met a medical doctor Banji. Banji stays in Ondo, a young, handsome  house officer in a  federal  hospital in Ondo. They started chatting for a month and it seems like they had known each other for a long period of time. Banji had a girlfriend at that time, Rukayat. Rukayat is a muslim,a year older than Banji, also a house officer in the hospital. Banji told Seun about the lady and their differences (Religion and age), he told her he was breaking up with her because his parents are not in support of their relationship. Banji confessed his love for Seun and they planned towards meeting. Seun travelled all the way from Lagos to Ondo to see Banji. They were so happy to see each other and they were together throughout that day. Banji told seun he had plans of getting married to her and that he is really happy he met her, they talked about their future together and all. They had sex that night and the relationship seem blissful. Seun travelled back the next day, she was happy that yes, she finally found the one. She told her friends about her new boyfriend and even told  her ex boyfriend John about the new relationship. Banji was always sending her money without even asking, she thought she has found the right one. (All that glitters is not gold).

The relationship went on for a month and after sometime things started changing, Banji feels Seun is pressurizing him to breakup with Rukayat. Rukayat moved in with Banji, Seun started seeking for advice from her colleague at work Amaka, on how to make the Banji love her and how to handle the situation. Amaka told her to pack her stuff and stay with the Banji for a week to get to know him better. She did what amaka asked her to do. Seun packed her things and went to stay with Banji for a week. A Life changing week, A drama Filled week.

Seun stayed in Banji’s house performing house wife duty, helping with house chores and cooking for him. Everything went well until a day before Seun was supposed to leave, when Rukayat came into the house with her own spare keys and met Seun inside the house with Banji. She was really a calm young lady. She asked Banji to excuse her for 10 minutes, they went outside to talk. Seun quickly called Amaka and told her the situation of things. Banji came inside and packed his laptop and took his bag and told Seun he was coming back, he left and Seun was left alone  wondering what could have happened? Could it be that they are still dating?. She waited until she got a message from Banji telling her to leave the house now, that Rukayat's mother is coming to his place to solve the issue. Seun packed her things and left for Ibadan where her ex boyfriend stays because it was late already, She was very sad. Amaka sent an insulting message to Banji for letting Seun leave his house at that time. Banji and Amaka exchanged words.

Banji started calling Seun the nextday,she was too hurt to pick the call,so she didn’t pick the call and left it ringing. Seun got back to lagos really sick and was admitted in the hospital, she couldn’t get over the relationship of 2months, she felt used and lonely. She cried every night and almost entered depression, all thanks to her best friend and roommate in school Chidinma who stood by her.
Seun remained single for  a year and 4months before she met another guy  Olawale.


Olawale travelled to Kenya and forgot about his relationship with oluwaseun,he met some weird girls and had fun throughout his stay, Oluwaseun became worried and kept calling him through what's app call,at times he picks and tell her he is out or left his phone ringing. When he came back to Nigeria he bought a nice wooden jewelry box containing a beaded chain with earrings,a nice top and beaded scarf for Seun. Seun went to see him, he was with his friend and they were about going out. He forgot his phone in the room, so she went through his pictures and saw so many funny pictures of him and some girls cuddling,hugging and pecking,she left his house in anger and later texted him about what she saw.

 Two weeks later, she went to wale's house and went through his phone and what's app chat with one of the ladies he met, she got angry with the content of the message,returned all he got for her and went back home,Wale was sleeping while she was reading all the messages,so she left without telling him. Wale woke up and saw she left, he texted her and told her he loved her so much and doesn't like that behavior from her. She collected the items back and told him to delete all the ladies pictures which he did. Seun felt insecure, always checking his messages to know if there is any lady trying to get her man's attention.

 The relationship went sour, Olawale calls once in a while and always uses work as an excuse, Seun had to squat with wale for sometime due to accommodation issues, pending when  she gets her place. There was a day she came back from work and met Olawale and a female friend at home, she was surprised that Olawale didn't go to work and he didn't tell her that morning he was not feeling fine, she greeted the lady and went to the room waiting for explanations.

Olawale later came into the room and told her he didn't go to work because he was not feeling too good, she felt bad because she couldn't imagine staying in the same roof with her boyfriend and he didn't tell him he wasn't feeling too good, it went on like that for sometime and olawale kept things to himself without telling seun. Seun decided to get an apartment without telling him too, the relationship was already a mess, things fell apart...Seun kept crying silently and praying he won't break up with her. Olawale sold his car without telling Seun, Seun  felt bad again and confronted him,he made it clear to her that it is not her money and she has no say.

 Seun moved out of his house to her own apartment, Wale visited her and they talked about their differences,they let it go and decided to move on with the relationship

  For two weeks Olawale stopped calling Seun, Seun kept calling at times he picks and tell her he's busy, they decided to see on Sunday evening, Seun went to his place with fear and anxiety all over her face,waiting for him to tell her it over, Olawale came and they greeted each other,Seun poured out her mind and told him what's happening? He told her it's better to tell her now then later, he doesn't see any future in the relationship, she broke down in tears, she felt like dying, she was very heart-broken and lost. She cried out in pain ,Why me?Why is it always like this?...She left his house that day to her friend's place and cried, her friend went out to get her drugs,only for him to come back and find out she took a whole bottle of vodka for the first time seun tasted what alcohol was..she felt it is just over for her,she couldn't keep a relationship,where will she start from?Her parents knows about the guy?


 She decided to go back to her ig page and remembered Olawale tagged her in a relationship page, gabby speaks she needed to talk to someone not her friends but someone she doesn't know, she took gabby's number and chatted with her via what's app,she brought her back to Christ,and she felt a little bit relieved after talking to her that day, that was how oluwaseun returned to her first love who can give her that unending love she wants, who can fill the void no man can feel.

Hey,single ladies and men out there, my advice is let's return back to our first love which is Jesus Christ, if you are in any relationship now, ask if the relationship is rooted in Christ, flee from adultery or fornication, it makes you have a low self esteem, it destroys your future.

Serve the Lord your God in your youth, look for what interest you in the house of God, Do it well to please God and not human. God has plans for our lives...He wants us to walk in purpose, He wants us to fulfill purpose. Look at your relationship with you spouse, if it doesn't please God, give it a break and return unto your First love, if it is meant to be it will, and if not God has just saved you from regret.

Have a close relationship with God, tell him about anything you want to do, involve Him in your day-to-day life. My God is not a God of confusion, He doesn't stay in a confused relationship.

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