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So I have never really been a person who feels the wedding envy.  I will be incredibly happy and be willing to serve at your wedding.  Sometime early this month I think I began to look at my old photos and was terrified "am getting old". Then my very exaggerating eyes now kind of caught a little wrinkle on my forehead!! Hahaha.. You know when the devil wants to plant seeds in your heart he just looks for a little place to start.  Then an old friend now asked me the almighty question *how is your husband*. My heart kind of changed a form of rhythm!!!  Am I getting old or what?????

So, fear got a hang of my inward processes and began to fly from my head to my toe.  Then I began to see a lot of weddings and began to notice all the things I shouldn't have noticed!  How did I get here you may ask?  I don't even know if you ask me.  I overcame this feeling and I will tell you what I am doing and about to do. I will also share lessons the Holy Spirit taught me.

 1. All good gifts come from above.  Really!! Marriage is a gift, it's more like the talent that man going on a journey gave his servant.  It is totally from above.  You know sometimes our motive for wanting to get our own gift could be selfish and we have not yet figured out that we are to trade with the gift.
 My eyes was open to the fact the we are on a vacation. Not a staycation!!  Our lives are borrowed everything we have now is to be used to Gods glory. To bring him praise, invest with them and give account at the end of it. Every gift you got from above isn't yours,  your health, job, marriage, children, ministry, etc.  Nothing, I mean nothing belongs to you. This teaching helped me overcome and fight this fear.

 2.  I will be attending a singles prayer camp.  Did I just say that??  Oh yes!!  This weekend there will be  a prayer meeting for singles in the outskirt of Abuja. It will indeed be a great time to refill. Worry has no place in the presence of God. I will encourage you to join us.  See the flier for more details.  Our guest ministers  are amazing people who have been on the mission field together.  Their walk with the Lord has been amazing.  We will be drinking from their well of wisdom and might in the Lord.

3. God's timing isn't mine.  You know sometimes we could be caught up trying to do Gods things at our own time and getting worried when it isn't working at our time.  I was reminded that for everything in my life there is a season and purpose. The most important thing is that I do what I am supposed to do in this season so as not to skip the purpose of this season.  When fear arise, when you see the wrinkle, when you see the delay, sweetie. Remember this "all the plans of God for you are for good ". Even his thoughts are.  He is intentionally putting logistics in place, people and opportunities have gone ahead.

How have you been able to  overcome the "getting old worry"?

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