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I was in the bathroom one day thinking about relationships and biblical men. I asked the Holy Spirit "what would it be like if I were to marry a biblical man"? I went on to study the lives of these men and drew some lessons from their lives.

The purpose of this post is to make us remove from our hearts the notion that a biblical man has to be perfect. You know we sometimes put so much pressure on them that a mistake they make seems so unforgivable. A man after Gods heart doesn’t  necessarily have to be perfect he needs a heart that yearns for God and loves him above everything. Just imagine marrying a man like David, just join me on this ride dear singles.

1.  Your life will be unstable, I mean you will be moving around a lot with a lot of people. Just imagine moving from cave to cave, city to city because you are running from one King called Saul. You get to see him moving around like a chicken about to be slaughtered. Really does that make him sound or look like the great man?  Why can’t he face the man face to face and give you stability for once. So if you marry a man like David, be ready to enjoy the unstable household and endless battles. You have to know that this man doesn’t  have all the answers to life, he just has a God who is the answer to everything. We need to build up qualities and a firm relationship with God, that will help us stay trusting God through the changes.

2.  He may cheat, did I hear you say a biblical man cheat!!!! He would even murder her husband and marry the woman. What height of insanity? A whole biblical man how can he?? How can a man God says is after his heart do such abominable thing? Sweetie, that biblical man is not immune to mistakes, so just have your shock absorber ready for any. Our ability to forgive will have to come into play here. We need to have God’s kind of heart to be able to forgive and let go of bitterness and hurt.

3. His son will dethrone him!!! Then he will run away. Can you believe a whole king can be dethroned by his own son? Instead of him staying and fighting he fled. You can just imagine having to get up again and enter a circle of running up and down after he had been king. If you ever married such a man in a bid to get security then your security is gone. This shows us that our security is in the Lord never on our husband or our marriage.

4.  He is going to be a crazy worshipper and lover of everything God. He is more interested in his relationship with God than any earthly relationships and possessions. He will worship God with everything within him.

What other things do you think would have happened if you married a man like David? Kindly leave your comments below and don’t forget to share.

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  1. Great thoughts and a good read. Thanks for sharing, greetings to you!



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