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I will be 26 in a few months time and I remember how much at a point in my life I had it all figured out. I'm one of those young girls who wanted to be called a wife at 23. It was one of those visions on my vision board. I had a particular age when I felt a particular event should have happened. I remember writing at the bottom of my vision board this words  "THY WILL BE DONE NOT MINE, LORD".

Those words have been rocking my boat. Even times when I feel like God isn't showing up very early I still trust his will. The reason for this post is to help us through the time we have the PRESSURE to be married. So many times we feel that pressure is from friends and family but most time we seem to the the source of our own pressure. We expect certain things to happen at certain times in our lives and once they are not happening we begin to freak out. There are things you can't control in your life. There are some events that happen for a reason. There are some seasons you have to go through so as to refine you and allow you to reach your full potentials. Yeah, your biological clock may be ticking according to the world's standard but God might be saying HOLD ON, JUST A LITTLE WHILE!!


How to you handle this internal pressure?
LIVE, LIVE, LIVE!!!! Live your life. Live the life you are created for. Love the life you have and make the best of it. Stop holding on to that dream and not work towards it. Live, don't wait. Don't wait until everything falls into place. Work on your God given assignment and begin to fulfill your purpose on earth. One of the greatest fear of Singles is being rejected. Don't let that rejection that occurs on your way to fulfilling purpose get to you.

ENJOY YOUR SEASON!! Don't walk around wishing you were where you are not therefore neglecting the beauty of the season you currently find yourself. Enjoy the season God is walking you through. Take your time and enjoy the walk. BREATHE SWEETIE, BREATHE!! Stop walking around with a song of lament on your lip. Keep your head up high and trust the one who is in charge of seasons to walk you through this. Look purposefully at everything around you and be thankful.

Remember this, Marriage is another season of your life. Allow this season, allow it to bring you all its blessings.

Since my 23 mark up till now I will highlight all the beautiful events that has happened in my life.
 1.  I started this blog. I'm so grateful. I loved mathematics so much and never liked English. I was never confident in my writing skills. Over these years my writing skills has improved. I'm not yet satisfied with where I am but I'm grateful.
 2. I'm writing a book. I was never that kind of girl who would ever think of writing a book. I have been on it for a while now. Hopefully it will be out before my birthday.
 3. I have a teaching career. My teaching career is growing and there has been progress. I love teaching kids. It's one of the best things I've ever done in my life.
 4. Running a singles ministry. Talk about being so blessed. Light bearers ministry has been a great blessing to me. I couldn't have thought about that on my own. Following the spirits leading to start that ministry has been one of my greatest blessings till date.
 5. Completion of school of ministry. I just graduated from school of ministry in the month of July. God, am so blessed!!!
 I could go on and on counting all the great things God has been doing in this season for me.

This is my prayer for you this morning. That you won't be too pressured to the point where you stop counting your blessings.
Count your blessings, give them names, write them down and enjoy this season. Look beyond yourself, look around you and see the great things God is doing.

If this post has been a blessing to you, kindly share.

How have you handled the pressure to be married??

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  1. Thanks for blessing us with this post. The pressure of getting married is eating singles up.



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