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Do you know you can achieve all that you set your heart to achieve this second half of the year? YES!!! You might have failed in the first half of the year but you can totally achieve them and recover all.

You might be feeling like you are not good enough, or not wealthy enough, or  big enough to achieve the very thing you set your heart to do, I promise you, you too can.

I will be focusing on the relationship and marriage goals you have set for yourself which might look like you are not achieving. Maybe your goal at the beginning of the year was to serve him more, be more patient, be more loving, remember all dates that are important and you just find yourself doing the worst instead of your best. I know that feeling of being disappointed in yourself for failing at the very thing you are supposed to do well.

Look dear, don't beat yourself up. You can maintain that goal of being a better spouse no matter how many times you have failed. Rise you and love long and hard. It's possible for you to maintain the chastity you deserve in your courtship. No matter how bad or too low you've gone don't give up. Try again.

Look at this illustration of Abraham Lincoln:

 While today he is remembered as one of the greatest leaders of our America, Lincoln's life wasn't so easy. In his youth he went to war as a captain and returned a private (if you're not familiar with military ranks, just know that private is as low as it goes.) Lincoln didn't stop failing there, however. He started numerous failed businesses, went bankrupt twice and was defeated in 26 campaigns he made for public office.

Looking at these failure by Abraham Lincoln. It could have been easy for him never try again. I am glad he did try again and again.

Your relationship didn't work out the last time, but I believe it can work again this time. Yes!! It surely can. All you need to do is trust the one who is able to keep you from falling. Encourage yourself and try again. Even if you fail again, pick up the lessons from your failure and try one more time. You could have been disappointed and broken but try one more time. Try again, if others could do it then you surely.

I see you getting restored and get up and try again. I believe in you. I Love you dearly.

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