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Hello Blog Loves,

It's been a while since I last posted here, for so many reasons which are definitely for good. I am here to announce to you all things I have been up to since the beginning of the year. This year has been a great one for me. When God told me it was my year of Sacrifice, I think I didn't quite understand that. This October, I understand more than ever what he was saying. I had to let some things go and I am so glad about it.

I have seen a lot of great dimensions in my spirit and in my relationship. Light bearers a singles ministry which I co-founded has been doing tremendously well. God has been indeed faithful. One of the major sacrifice, I had to make was my weekends. I had to give them up for my school of ministry training which I did for 6 months. Those 6 months were the most rigorous 6 months of my life. I don't regret them at all.  At some point I felt as if I wasn't going to finish. I am excited to say I FINISHED STRONG!

I started my new born and kids photography business. It has been a great learning process for me. I launched AMAH PHOTOGRAPHY some months ago. God has been faithful and true to his Word. I have been growing in ways I cannot even explain. I have learned in this journey how much, aiming for ordinary isn't enough. Friends, let's reach out for more. Be hungry for knowledge and you will be filled. I understand that I should be desperate for the right things and it pays off.

To celebrate 3 years of Gabby speaks blog, and my 26th birthday I will be putting up the first chapter of my book for download. It will be up on this blog for free. This writing a book journey has been a great journey for me. Full of its twist and turns, most of all its been a journey of faith. Do I feel a little scared? Yes, sometimes. Will I overcome? Oh yes. I will love to see your reviews once your done reading. I struggled with sharing about this book because I don't consider myself a good writer. When God gives you a vision he does not consult your expertise because he wants it to be all about him. Thank God for writing mentors who have helped me through this journey. Here is a mock book cover design. The real cover will be up before the official launch of the book.

Enjoy this ride with me, thanks for sticking with me always. God bless you

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