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Dating sometimes leads to lots of heart breaks, it is important we understand just a few things we can do to make any broken relationship henceforth less painful, life-changing and full of horror. Yes, the world has been cruel to some of us, however we have a responsibility to protect ourselves. Here are some things we should do:

1. Avoid having too much expectations
Too much expectations I mean having this 'Le Boo can never do that attitude . We just need to understand that perfect boo is also human and can make errors too! like duh! Just try a little bit to have this mind set that if its going to work its going to work and for it to work out you two need to work together. You could be in it 200% but Le Boo could just be having fun. Such is life dear.

2. Run when you still have a heart:
Sometimes you could see this little signs of *I am not serious with you* attitude. Kindly dust the sand off your shoes and RUN. You would save yourself the heart break by telling yourself the bitter truth. When someone loves you it is clear and visible for all to see. When the love is cold too, you can tell. Have a little self dignity, ask important questions so you can make the right decision before a decision is being made for you.

3. Avoid premarital sex:
I know so many people will be like "What is that one now"?  When you really want to save your heart from unnecessary trouble, stay away from premarital sex. Sex is a beautiful thing and God created it to be binding force between a man and a woman (Married). Permit me to say that sex has a way of blocking your sense of judgement. I am a firm believer *of wait till the ring is on the finger!*. That does not mean that your heart can't still get broken just that the pain is not as heavy as when you have done all the positions with him/her and maybe an abortion.

4. Get a Life:
The truth is so many of us make this silly mistake, because you are in a relationship you no longer have a life. No friends, zero social life, distance from family and loved ones. Chai! *shakinghead* . A relationship is not a license to be a fool now. Everywhere you are Lee Boo is just around the corner, you no longer socialize its just you and Lee Boo. You eat, breath and sleep Lee Boo. All your friends are now potential Lee Boo snatchers. The truth is simple, a good relationship is supposed to make you a better person not a worse person socially and in every area.

5. Define your relationship:
It is a common thing for guys to walk up to girls and express their desire to be with the other. Ask them this question "Why do you want to be with me?" That is a direct question that you need to have answers to. My dear, its important that the purpose of a relationship is said from the very beginning. At least if you both are playing with yourselves it will be defined, if you are going somewhere definite like getting married, good for you. An undefined relationship is a big root cause of heartbreak. I have seen issues with ladies who have been in relationships for years just for Le Boo to wake up one morning to say 'we were just dating after all i never promised you marriage'. Sorry love such is life, you will be wiser, next time i promise you.

6. Give your heart to God first:
The most important thing to do in life is to give your life and all to God. When you realize the depth of love that God has for you His love will be all that matters to you. When you have understood the kind of love that God has for you, it will be easier for you to notice fake love or lust. Gods love is all about action, He loved us and He gave His only possession. Love is not all about emotions and words, its about actions and its an investment.

7. Love yourself:
So many of us do not even know ourselves talk more of loving us. One of the most difficult question for most people to answer is "Who am I"? . What is your perception about yourself. If you were able to answer that question with confidence then congratulations!!! Its important you know who you are and also love yourself. It is bad that you cannot even do things for yourself you rely on your partner for everything. Ladies and gentlemen, Le Boo must not buy you everything, buy things for yourself, treat yourself right. Its not a hard thing to spend quality time with yourself and when a man/woman treats you less it will be easy to walk away. Embrace yourself, tell your self every reason why you should be treated right. Stop complaining about everything your weight, your color, your height etc, love yourself for who you are. The worlds view about Mr or Mrs Perfect shape, colour or figure is constantly changing. Just make sure you take care of yourself. If you have gotten your heart broken before you need to heal after the heart break and move on.

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