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When people you aren't in a relationship with give you a compliment, your reaction is always good. We all love compliments. It's a gift. It shows we really are seen, appreciated or even worth been thanked for being who we are. In most relationship, especially the ones that have been long term there could be a reduced amount of compliment. These compliments don't just die for some it just goes right out of the window and everyone begins to feel entitled to whatever their partner is supposed to do or give.

Compliments are Powerful in maintaining and sustaining a great relationship. Compliments are important, it's like the good your relationship feeds on. When we thank our partners for being or doing something it makes them want to do more.

Compliments makes your partner do more. The reason why you seem to complain of your partner not doing anything for you could be that you may not be complimenting for the things they do right. The strengths of your partner should be in front of you more, they should be praised. They should be appreciated and be made to be a big deal. Behaviours that are rewarded gets repeated. Don't say "You haven't done what I really want". Appreciate the little they do. Appreciate the ones that could seem little. Make it a big deal. It should be appreciated. It shouldn't fall into the class of  "It's her or his responsibilities". Forgetting that doing responsibility over and over again takes a lot of commitment and dedication. Appreciate the little, the almost everyday things that could almost seem insignificant now. They will want to do more, your partner will want to be more.

 Compliments help your relationship in times of conflict. In times when things are not as they should be. Past compliments makes your partner know you sincerely and truthfully love them.

Give more compliments, notice the things you have stopped noticing. The things that made you fall in love with each other should still be appreciated. The efforts they make in becoming better lovers should be celebrated and appreciated. Appreciate the daily routine that could have become their responsibility.

Don't allow over familiarity and areas that seem not to be perfect affect areas that are really good. Give more, givers don't lack. Give and it shall be given unto you.

Give more compliments and you will get more compliments. Stay blessed and enjoy your compliments filled relationship.

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