I sat down to go through my 2017 diary. It’s a diary that portrays my highs and lows, prayer points, study of the scripture, dreams and a whole lot more. I began from the very first page and I saw the word God told me at the beginning of the year.

God’s word to me, January 2017

This word really came to pass in my life. I saw that there was a time I felt desperate to help myself. I wanted to help myself so badly. I felt as if God was slow at some point. I just wrote my gratitude list and it was overflowing with so many things I am grateful for. I have some testimonies.

I graduated from school of ministry. I saw God move in another dimension in my life. In 2016, I never really believed in spiritual mentorship and fatherhood. I reaped the benefit of having spiritual parents. God showed me strength in areas I felt I wasn’t strong in. Various launching in the spirit realm, and dimensions of operation. Only God’s spirit could do that. I was able to stand up from my excuse of WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY?

God delivered me from fear of the unknown. Fear of what will people say. I got free total liberty and walked in dominion. I felt free to be who God has called me to be. Break free from the shackles of intimidation and condemnation.

I started my photography business by faith. That was the craziest faith walk. Me! Business? How God? Amah photography has been a crazy journey. Some days ago, I got a newborn photography mentor all the way from Australia with 7 years of full time newborn photography. God favoured me, that’s all I can say.

Overcoming Sexual Temptation ebook has been on the mind for over two years and this year I started putting pen to paper. God helped me step out of the WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY Box and I wrote and I am still writing. May 2018 will be the official launch of the book.

Started my Nlp certification training this year.

I saw growth and increase among Lightbearers. God confirmed his word, we saw increase on every side.

God showed me the strength sitting still and waiting. Yes, I almost lost my faith this year, I went through some very silent seasons where I almost gave up. God came through for me, yes he did.

I was able to partake in a missions trip. It’s indeed a great blessing to be a blessing.

OH! blessed teens, there has been seeds sown and God has shown us through your lives that these seeds are definitely taking root and are growing.

God had done a lot of awesome things this year, I can’t even count it all. Yes! I had lost some things. I gained some things, in all I count it all joy. I lost some people and gained some friends. God blessed me with amazing friends who spoke God’s word consistently over me.

Above all, I realized how I do not belong to myself but all I have belongs to the Lord. 2018, I am excited already. It’s time for more victories.

Written by Gabbyspeaks

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