How did I get here? From wanting to write a short e-book (Overcoming sexual temptations) I wanted to release on my birthday, to the book vision becoming larger, to my vision of moving to WordPress coming to pass. There are so many things I would have kept on hold and continued to procrastinate them if not for this push. I know a lot of you were waiting for this book on my birthday, I tried all I could to make sure the first 2 chapters were out for you to download but it was not coming forth. I had to make some changes, I have dreamt and thought about moving my blog to WordPress because I knew it was the next move I needed to get this ministry to the permanent site *wink*. Getting this book first few parts of this book to you made it possible.

This move was not easy. I am still learning a lot about WordPress, I am glad I listened to the nudge of the HolySpirit not to pay anyone for this move but to learn all I needed to learn. Was it easy? NO! on some days I almost gave up. I am glad I am at this point today. I am still building up things gradually and I hope to get everything set for the new year. I will also resume proper blogging in the first week of December. I have been at the feet of Jesus and there has been a lot of illumination. I will be sharing more on relationships and be inspiring you to get more intimate with the Master.

Here is the link Overcoming Sexual Temptation free copy. Follow the instructions and download your copy. I will love to see your preview and hear your thoughts on this. Kindly share this with everyone you love.

Written by Gabbyspeaks


Chidiebere Onyejekwe

Its always a great feeling to OVERCOME hurdles in life. Everyone wants to experience it but only some will go through the process.. So glad for you Gabby. This is just the beginning.


Thanks so much dear, the process is refining and we can always come out stronger if we follow through with it.


Its a good thing to write about, continue with your good work


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