Happy new year Family. You made it, oh! Yes you made it. It wasn’t by your power or your own abilities. It was just pure grace.


Alright! Let’s talk about New Year Resolution. New Year Resolutions seems to be one thing a lot of us have in our minds right now. We make resolutions to do this or that and we set goals. We sometimes don’t understand what resolutions really are that’s why sometimes we easy slip back to our old ways of doing things. Resolutions are things that need to be resolved. What are those things you need to resolve in the new year. Those things you are to work on deliberately because they were part of your problem in the previous year. Resolutions are great and they are important. A lot of us have made a joke of them or simply think they do mean nothing. We see a lot of memes online about resolutions but they really work for those who are determined that it would out.


The first step in making a new year resolution is to think and reflect about the things that did not work last year. Think about areas you failed in. Areas you know you aren’t so proud of because you simply did not do a good job. As for me I looked deeply and I realized a few things I failed in last year. I simply didn’t take responsibility for them and I realized I wasn’t even having any specific outcomes in mind. In 2016 in had some goals, wrote them down and even blogged about them but I wasn’t able to achieve them.


In 2017 I decided not to set any goals at all so I wouldn’t be disappointed. Didn’t want my heart broke, my previous goals weren’t achieved as I was expecting.  So I decided to change some things a little and just expect not so much, then I refused to plan.


So right now it’s time for some resolutions. As for me I resolve to exercise. Exercising didn’t work out so well for me. I can’t remember working out at all. Right now I am resolving to work out in 2018. I resolve to have a routine and stick with it. That’s one of my resolutions. It was a problem, it was one area I didn’t focus on last year or I did not even consider but right now I am resolute to solve it. This year be ready to resolve something. Think about them, write them down. Make a them into actionable plans. Make sure they drive you, wake you and keep you going.


It will get tough and some point, really tough, but don’t give up. Please don’t. You might go off the course sometimes but try your best to be responsible for this outcomes. Remember this you are highly responsible for your failure and success. Whatever you want to achieve is achievable. You have what it takes, Break free from anything that limits you. Break free from your fears and believe in yourself. You have the power to resolve this issues. No one is responsible but you. Your relationship can work, take actions and be positive. Be accountable, don’t also forget to count your blessings. Have a great new year ahead.


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Nice one

Chidiebere Onyejekwe

Thank you Ma,

Another way to be on your toes about your resolutions, if you have any, is to share it with people or a person that has a serious influence over your life. That way they’ll keep you in check and accountable while gingering and encouraging you.


So true, thanks for sharing.


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