By / December 23, 2014

Hello sweethearts, its two days to CHRISTMAS. COMPLIMENT OF THE SEASON. Yayyy!!!! Am so excited because I have a lot to be grateful for. CHRISTMAS is a season of showing LOVE and sharing, make sure you share something with someone this Christmas. I will be doing a little giveaway on this blog because I cherish… Read more


By / December 20, 2014

Hello my wonderful friends. Thank you so much for all the comments you left in my last post, click HERE if you missed it. Will be elaborating on those comments today. If am not able to finish up will have to split it into two or three parts. May God bless you all for sharing… Read more

Overcoming Sexual Temptations.

By / December 11, 2014

I just want to take this moment to say a big thank you to everyone who has been visiting, sharing and commenting on my posts. Thank you so much you guys are the best. Honestly, I am thrilled at the kind of love i receive and i am so grateful. You are the best blog… Read more

Love So Sweet: Kay and Jummy’s Journey.

By / December 6, 2014

How We MetThis journey started when I went for an interview at Kids & Teens Resource Center, Ado-ekiti branch. We met briefly as she welcomed me. After the interview we didn’t get to talk as I left back for Ilesa immediately. After sometime out of curiosity, I checked her up on Facebook. Just wanted to… Read more

When Are You Getting Married???

By / December 2, 2014

 ‘When are we coming for your own wedding’. Every single Nigerian lady, has experienced this at one time or the other. This is my typical conversation these days: Me: Good Afternoon, Ma. Aunty Xyz: How are you, Nne. Me: Am fine ma. *trystowalkaway* Aunty Xyz: *Rememberssomething* ehen! How is school. Me: No, aunty am done… Read more


By / November 25, 2014

We all have different values in life, we want different things, and we have different goals. Men and women are different. Without an understanding of our differences we will be at war with one another. Men always wonder why women act the way they do and women also wonder why men act the way they… Read more

Secrets of An Irresistible Woman #4

By / November 21, 2014

Proverbs 31:14- She is like a merchant ship loaded with food stuffs; she brings her household’s food from a far country. By a woman’s nature she is creative and also multitasking, a woman has the ability to have her hands full and still perform effectively in all. This wonderful creation called “WOMAN” is a wonder… Read more


By / November 17, 2014

Hello lovelies, hope you had a great weekend. Mine was wonderful and stressful at the same time..lllloollzzz.. Ok, I saw this pix on instagram and it is funny but its the truth. No matter how hard you try, they just keep having an OPINION. People who criticize you are doing so because they are seeing… Read more

Diabetes and Healthy Living: The 21st Century battle

By / November 14, 2014

Today is World Diabetes Day. Thats the reason for this post written by a dear friend who is not just concerned about our health but is also active in the fight against the deadly disease. His contacts are below incase of questions and inquires. Enjoy.    The 21st century lifestyle met active challenge with people… Read more

Secrets of An Irresistible Woman #3

By / November 12, 2014

Click HERE for secret #2 and HERE for secret #1 Proverbs 31:13: She seeks out wool and flax and works with willing hands [to develop it]. An irresistible woman is a woman of strenght and skills, she can develop nothing to something. We live in a world today where women find it hard to maximize their potentials, some are… Read more

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