Secrets of An Irresistible Woman #2

By / November 4, 2014

A truly good woman is a wife before she is married. You need to inbred this, praying or fasting cannot make you one. The criteria for becoming a wife or irresistible are very specific. For secret #1 click HERE. This is another: Secret 2She comforts, encourages, and does him only good as long as there is life… Read more


By / October 29, 2014

Is it really possible to be irresistible? You may ask! Becoming an irresistible woman is a great desire. Being the centre of attraction for your man or for the kind of men you seek to attract and keep is the desire of every woman. We simply want that irresistible charm and character that keeps our… Read more

Say NO to Heartbreak #2

By / October 25, 2014

This a continuation of my previous post if you missed it click here. 5. Define your relationship: It is a common thing for guys to walk up to girls and express their desire to be with the other. Ask them this question ‘to be with me as what? Some of them will start doing merry-go-round with… Read more

How long is too long???

By / October 20, 2014

In our society today we really are impatient we want to do everything fast fast and now now. So many of us want to do things really fast, most especially in relationships.We need to understand that patience is a virtue when you want to start your own home. I have seen so many scenarios where… Read more

Say NO to heartbreak

By / October 18, 2014

This post is specifically for you and I. In this post i will be saying ways which i know as a young person you can avoid heartbreaks.1. Avoid too much expectations: Too much expectations i mean having this ‘Le Boo can never do that attitude’ . We just need to understand that perfect boo is… Read more

Second post

By / October 18, 2014

Ok now everybory!! This is my second post here. I have always loved blogging ( in my dreams) and I have been reading blogs like fureva!! Well it just dawned on me that i need to take a step of faith you know nah. lllloolllzzz. I am just going to be blogging about random stuffs… Read more


By / October 17, 2014

Am so happy so finally i got to create my own  blog after so many months of procrastination. I am happy not just because i created the blog but at least i tried, *victory dance * . Me am not a writer in any way am not even close to one am more of a… Read more

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