You might be wondering what mistake we often make when setting relationship goals?

So you have set new year relationship goals and those goals seem to be off the hook. If you can just fulfill them your relationship life will be absolutely the bomb. When we set goals we have very good intentions, we have great will power, we have the outcomes in mind. Having them as our new year resolution isn’t bad either. We can picture how we would feel when we achieve this goal.

These goals are on point, they are achievable, they are ultimately going to make our live better in the new year. We look forward to the best at the end of the year. However, we make a mistake. A mistake! A costly mistake! This mistake gets us all stressed out and sometimes we don’t find out it’s a mistake until the end of the year.

This mistake gets you  stressed and puts a whole lot of pressure on you. Even the most good willed among us make this mistake!

We set deadlines!

I personally hate deadlines!

I dislike deadlines because they come with a whole lot of pressure.

Pressure doesn’t feel good at all.

Pressure to meet a deadline sometimes hurt so badly we give up.

Deadlines are pressure filled for some of us so when you set a deadline attached to your goal and the goal isn’t achieved when you wanted it achieved, how do you feel?

For so many singles we sometimes set deadlines for our wedding to happen and when it doesn’t happen at that particular deadline we get frustrated, get anxious, stay discouraged and eventually depressed. If being married this year is your goal then a deadline isn’t the only thing you need to consider.


A schedule is very simple, what you do either every day or every week to get you to your desired outcome without pressure. If you want to get married this year then consider having a schedule of things you would do every day to prepare you for marriage.

I don’t know the kind of marriage you desire or have in mind but you need to consider a little routine. A routine that relieves you of all the stress that goes on when you are on your way to achieving your goal of being married this year.

For example, you want a great marriage, what will you do every day to prepare yourself for this great marriage? Think about this critically.

You want to get into a healthy relationship, what will you do to ensure that your relationship is healthy and gearing towards the right direction. It’s important you create a schedule.

What will you do daily to achieve your relationship goal for this year? Will you agree to go on dates often? Will you be intentional about meeting new people weekly? Will you get involved in more charitable projects? Will you brand yourself properly on social media so as to meet the one? Think about this and make sure instead of setting deadlines, you create a schedule so as to meet your relationship goals.

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Written by Gabbyspeaks

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